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One of the main projects that the Academy is involved in, is the relationship that exists between Sound, Colour and Form. In the same way that Euphony illuminates and deepens the meaning of Sound and Music, a sort of neologism arises in Colour-Light that can be called Eucromy. That is to say, the power, meaning and aesthetic of Light, and the perception of Colour. The natural world is a kaleidoscope of luminous colours, from the galactic supernovas to the marvellous polychromy that exists among birds (their feathers), within the vegetable kingdom (especially flowers and fruits) and in the fantastic luminous densities of the mineral world (its stones and metals).

The pictorial creation elevates the imaginative use of colour and forms to Art, unfolded in every angle of the planet, from the old civilizations through to our time.

Eucromy is therefore presented as an experience of Colour as energy, in cohesion with sound and form, which provides vital stimulation and possesses properties of creativity, therapy and self-realisation.

The Seminars dedicated to 'Colour and Culture' cover an intense range of chromatic exercises-experiences and forms, capable of awakening expressive skills and of unfolding the creative imagination and intuition.

The stages of Eucromy Education are: looking, seeing, perceiving/observing, and contemplating.

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