The Seminars, Workshops and Superior Courses of the International Academy of Euphony possess the essential characteristic of being extremely practical, as they are based upon experiences and occurrences, which make theoretical aspects understandable and therefore fluently and easily explainable.
At all levels of learning, the practice and dynamics of group and individual work, lead the participants to educe principles and central applications, with the aid of a modern method of maieutics.

Through its progressive stages, the themes and subjects of Euphony lead us to experience the innate potentialities lying dormant within the human being, and to develop creativity, imagination and intuition.

In the search for complete auditive intelligence, the talents that each of us possess are manifested within the human being. We begin to discover these talents, to exercise them and to express them in our individual, relational and professional lives.

Thus the imponderable value of Sound and Music becomes the master key of Knowledge. Listening is to Know. Therefore, it is certainly possible to paraphrase 'Know thyself’ as 'Listen to thyself’.

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