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A Planetarium is a sphere of vision of the realities of the sky, starting with the atmosphere that we breathe, through to the map of stars, constellations and galaxies in the confines of the universe. A place of knowledge of the horizon, a true observatory of cosmic life.

Planetarium, in the Academy, will be a true observatory, but focused upon intercultural studies and exhibited within an Online Magazine. The traditions, beliefs, arts and people of different races, colours and cultures from our multiform planet; all of these will be expressed, explored, understood, discussed, listened to and comprehended in a vision of equality, respect and concord that converges on the platform of the Planetarium.

In our 21st Century, still dominated by discord and prejudice, Planetarium promotes Concord through constant learning, that humanises us and generates as much respect as wonder at the multiple aspects of the cosmos of cultures, which coexist in only one house; the Earth.

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