The ‘Euphony’ Project is part of Socrates Grundtvig I (the European Union’s renowned adult educational programmes).
It has been created to develop teaching modules based on a series of techniques derived from the study and experience of the effects of sound and music on the environment and on the human being. Music is not involved in its function of entertainment or as a cultural enrichment with an end in itself, but it is experimented as a science/art able to improve and amplify the intuitive faculties.
This project will ultimately help to explore some of the deep processes of the nature of sound and music and teaches how to apply musical laws such as sympathy, resonance, harmony, accord, unison to the understanding of our own nature and human relationships.
The project plans to carry out training for professionals, within the partner organisations (including partners from Cyprus, England, Wales, Italy, Lithuania, Austria and Finland) who will be able to train trainers of Euphony.
The Euphonic methodologies will provide specific tools that can be used by a variety of educators who do not need to be musicians to master them. A specific Course, to be developed in the project, will provide a useful addition to the knowledge and competences of a wide area of users, such as the staff involved in formal and non-formal adult education, including those involved in the teaching of the elders, the trainers in visual art and music, and facilitators in the field of psychological advice and social services.

DANIEL LEVY is the creator of Euphony and the Main Tutor of this project.

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