Dhyana McAlister

Born in Venice in 1980, Dhyana McAlister received her education in Italy and England, where she displayed an early aptitude for the arts, and in particular for ballet and painting. From a young age she was schooled in the principles and applications of Euphony, a knowledge that she has developed and nurtured up until the present day.

Whilst studying in London, Dhyana specialised in Literature, Art and Classical Civilisation, and as a result of this she obtained a thorough grounding in subjects that remain at the heart of Euphony. She has recently completed a Diploma in Philosophy from the University of London and is currently studying towards a BA in Philosophy from the same institution. Her educational activities have also included a course dedicated to the History of Art, run by the Buenos Aires Association of Friends of the National Museum of Fine Arts, which is linked directly to the prestigious Museo de Bellas Artes in Argentina.

Due to her multicultural upbringing and her dedication to Euphony's intercultural output, Dhyana has developed a love of languages and speaks English, Italian and Spanish fluently.

Levy is a trained Instructor of Euphony and has recently participated in the European Union's Socrates Grundtvig I, Euphony - Implementing Teacher Knowledge programme.

Dhyana is also the Co-Founder and Artistic Secretary of the INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF EUPHONY and is actively involved in the organisation, development and coordination of concerts, seminars and other educational activities. In addition to this, she has played a key role in the translation and editing of a wide range of books, CD booklets and presentation materials dedicated to the subject of Euphony

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