Workshop: The Art of Listening - An Introduction to Euphony

What does it mean to listen?

In our youngest years we are taught how to speak, read and write, but not how to listen. And yet listening is an essential tool for us to form harmonic human relationships.

This workshop, presented by the renowned pianist, author and educator DANIEL LEVY, uses music as a tool to understanding the art of listening. It offers a deep insight into the ways in which a skill that we so often take for granted, can transform our personal and professional lives.

Having spent 30 years studying music and sound, DANIEL LEVY authored the book Euphony, the Sound of Life - an investigation of the effects of sound on the human being. The book went on to become the core text in a celebrated European Union Socrates Grundtvig course, where DANIEL LEVY was also the main tutor.

‘Euphony is the re-discovery of our reality in terms of audible as well as inaudible sound’ DANIEL LEVY, Euphony the Sound of Life.

This two-day workshop offers a structured programme, including theory and practice, to enable participants to gain a thorough grounding in the Art of Listening and its practical implications for our lives.

The workshop is for anyone who wishes to study and explore the Universe of Sound, Music and its meanings and applications in all human activities. You do not need to have any prior musical knowledge to participate in the Art of Listening workshop.

The workshop is organised by the International Academy of Euphony and The Mosaic Art And Sound.

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Topics include:
What does listening consist of?
Is it the same thing to listen and to hear?
Is listening a natural ability or an acquired skill?
The process of communication
Listening and harmonic human relations
Advice on how to listen Euphonically



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