The INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF EUPHONY is an organisation that was established in response to a human need; to investigate the meaning of Culture and Art, its role and effective service in the processes of individual growth. Through its action it makes an indispensable contribution to the 21st century, affected by the loss of high values and Harmony. Conscious of the precious contribution made by Music and the Arts* in creating balance and enabling true and profound education (ethics and aesthetics), the founders have, from a very early age, worked at the service of Culture. *In this case, Music and the Arts are defined as realities that penetrate the spiritual and physical levels and as instruments of knowledge and transformation for an enriching human coexistence.

The musician DANIEL LEVY, internationally recognised as a result of his highly successful concerts, recordings and compositions, has combined this role with that of an educator, investigator, prolific writer and promoter of cultural initiatives, in several areas of the world. (
He is the Co-Founder and Director of the International Academy of Euphony.

Marga Baigorria, Co-Founder of the INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF EUPHONY, has extensive experience in the study of Fine Arts and Philosophy, and decades of experience producing photographic and pictorial creations for exhibitions and publications. Her work is exhibited in a pedagogical context, related to the meaning, symbol and effects of Colour in the human being and to the relationship between Sound, Colour and Form.

Dhyana McAlister is Co-Founder of the INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF EUPHONY, having studied the Arts, Literature, Greek Mythology and Philosophy in Venice and London. Since her childhood (in Venice), she has received an ongoing Education in Euphony and is now integrally involved in Euphony’s contribution to the areas of human and intercultural relations.

In 1982, the first International Conference on the rebirth of Euphony took place in Venice. The first Italian-language edition of the book 'Euphony - The Sound of Life' was published in Venice in 1986 following a series of Courses, Workshops and Seminars. The book is dedicated to the anthropological, psychological and philosophical study of sound and was printed in the legendary printing workshop on the Island of San Lazzaro of the Armenians.

An Academy, in a profound sense, is a space where events that lead to Knowledge happen. The space is that of our interior world; where experiences and teachings converge to create a coherent learning process.

In Italian, the terms 'accadere' and 'accadimento' (‘to happen’ and ‘what has happened in the mind’), indicates a movement that comes from the centre or from above and is projected onto a horizontal platform, which is simultaneously expanded towards the exterior world.

The Academy, in its classical meaning, is where the human being learns to Know himself (the famous Garden of Academos of the Platonic Academy) and perceive that his feet are solidly placed on the ground, but that his head and heart are elevated in Space, therefore understanding himself to be a harmonic human unity, a true musical chord.

In an even more explicit sense, Academy means: what happens in the centre, in the middle (demie in French, the root of hemi-cycle, hemisphere, etc.), what reaches the centre, coming from the centre.
When a string is played in its centre or middle, the sound that is emitted is exactly the upper octave of its tonic, completing what is called the Body of Harmony, in exquisite resonances.

Therefore, the Academy of Euphony is a special space where Harmony is studied and practised. It exists where the event of listening and understanding ‘happens’, and presides wherever the Science-Art of Euphony is conscientiously investigated, with a clear mind, ear and heart.

'Did you know that our soul is composed of Harmony?' (Diary - Leonardo da Vinci)

The Academy of Euphony, in its five areas:

  • Pedagogical

  • Music-Philosophical

  • Aesthetic

  • Therapeutic

  • Intercultural Studies

intends, through its activities, to contribute, promote and restore a vision of cohesion and agreement in the human being and its relationships; one of the fundamental characteristics of Sound and Music.

The INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF EUPHONY promotes Courses of Superior Studies, Seminars, Conferences, Concerts, Exhibitions, Publications, Recordings and Audiovisuals, in order to provide in depth study, diffusion and teaching of the Science-Art of Euphony.

The Academy’s activities are directed at educators, artists, scientists, psychologists, musicians, professionals in disparate areas, groups and organizations, as well as to every person interested in participating in the study programmes and projects.

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